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Mobile service tanks are produced with sizes 3 000 l, 5 000 l, 10 000 l and 15 000 l, all with integrated fuel dispenser. Compared with our competitors' tanks, our products are offering you the following:

  1. High durability of the material, resistant to weather conditions (heat, cold, UV radiation, etc.)
  2. High material resistance against damage or oil theft by cutting the tank shell, etc.
  3. Protection of the dispenser and the handling area with a sophisticated closing by a lockable back cover (while opened it serves as a protection against bad weather conditions for the operator)
  4. Possibility to fill the tank with diesel fuel from large fuel distributors (the tank is equipped with the necessary bolts type VK and MB, including  I. stage vapour recovery)
  5. Mobility (easy to transport to the destination of use, e.g. road constructions, harvests, forest calamities elimination, change of company headquarters, etc.)

 Compared to stationary filling stations, we would also like to highlight the following advantages of mobile service tanks:   

  1. The usage is easy and fast, without projects, earthworks, construction works, assembly of steel structures, technological installations, etc.
  2. A building permit or project is not required, since this equipment is not a building.
  3. The mobile tank is registered for road traffic and complies with ADR regulations. It may be driven at speeds of up to 40 km/h or 80 km/h, unless prohibited by traffic signs.
  4. This equipment can also be purchased in the form of OB leasing at a 5-year depreciation rate (depreciation group 2).
  5. 16A, 230V socket with overvoltage protection and earthing point is sufficient for putting the equipment into operation
  6. The mobile service tank is approved by TÜV SÜD Auto CZ s.r.o., TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o. and the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.
  7. Since the tank has a form of a semi-trailer, fuel and gas station laws 311/06 are not applied.

Use without construction and structural preparations

Operation without special permissions

Mobile equipment – can be used in the field

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