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Mobile composting machine

The device is designed for processing various kinds of biodegradable waste, such as grass, leaves, wood chips, branches up to 5 cm in diameter, waste of vegetables, cemetery foliage, straw, manure, etc.

Mobilní kompostárny

The resulting product

Completely homogeneous mixture with a particle size of up to 5 cm, suitable for composting, either in the form of a bulk form of bulk or in a modern way into LDPE bags.

Method of removal

  1. By the borehole directly to the ground.
  2. Belt conveyor with slope and length as required (conveyor is part of machine).
  3. A screw press that pushes the processed raw material into a plastic LDPE bag, the press is again part of the machine.
  4. By combining the above-mentioned methods, that is, one machine can be equipped with both a bore hole, a press and a conveyor.

Advantages of MK

The machine is designed and manufactured so that its operation and maintenance are seamless and simple. In the case of falling of stones and similar hard objects into the tub of the machine there is no jamming and subsequent discontinuation of the machine, which, unlike competing crushing systems, is considered to be one of the biggest advantages. In the case of composting in a bag, it is possible to count the minimum of odor and leakage of juices, space and handling, zero construction readiness.

Composting into bags

The machine can be equipped with an additional device to put the prepared mixture into the LDPE bag together with the ventilation hose. A bag (maximum length of 60 m) with a diameter of 1.5 m holds up to 80 t of material, then closes and the outlet hose is connected to the ventilation system. At least two thermostatic rod thermometers with a transmitter that transmits the signal to the fan electronics are placed in the top of the bag. The controlled flow of air inside the bag creates optimal aerobic conditions for composting, which is completed after 8 to 10 weeks.

Model series

Mobile composting plants can be trailed by a tractor where the tractor is fitted with a tractor or an electric or diesel engine with its own hydraulic circuit. By size, we divide the machines into one-screw machines, which means 5 - 13 m3 of raw material or twin screws of 14 - 30 m3. Type of pick-up facility as required - see pick-up methods.


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